General Donations

We are genuinely excited to see YOU get involved in our mission. Thank you for supporting the vision of Love Africa!

Feeding Program at Southern Cross Academy

The feeding program at Southern Cross Academy provides a lunch of beans and maize to 300 children and 7 teachers five days a week. This program gives the children (age 3-8) the nutrition they need to concentrate and learn while in school. This holiday season, our donations to Southern Cross Academy will be made in memory of Philip Wilkins, one of our past interns’ brother who suddenly passed away this April. Because Philip was instrumental in his sister making it to Kenya, we want to honor his legacy with our support of the feeding program, which provides a lunch of beans and maize to 300 students and 7 teachers five days a week.

  • $3 feed 1 child for 1 month
  • $36 feed 1 child all year (x 300)
  • $360 feed 10 children all year


Little Lambs

Little Lambs is a daycare program that demonstrates God’s love by nourishing children made vulnerable by poverty or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The children are fed one meal a day while they learn basic reading, writing and math. The children receive help with school uniforms and supplies, clothing, shoes and medical care.

$200 / term

$600 / school year

Sponsor a Team Member to Serve in Africa

Every year, nearly 150 students, young adults, and families apply to serve with Love Africa Mission. Many are accepted and most have financial needs. Please see the giving section at the top of this page and select a team member to give towards. Make a difference by helping them answer God’s call to serve in Africa!


Love Africa Vehicle Zambia

Currently, Love Africa does not own a vehicle for in country transportation for our mission teams serving Zambia. We would like to purchase our first vehicle for our Zambia teams to avoid the high rates for vehicle rental for our daily transportation needs. This vehicle will be shared with our full term missionary family so that it remains in use all year long. You can help!

Total Cost: $7,500