Winter Break 2017*

  • Dec 27-Jan 7 (College-Aged Students Only)

Summer 2018*

  • Team 1, May 16-June 1 (College-Aged Students Only) [FULL]
  • Team 2, June 3-June 16 (College-Aged Students Only) [FULL]
  • Team 3, June 19-July 1 (College-Aged Students + Young Adults)
  • Team 4, July 3-17 (College-Aged Students + Young Adults)
  • Team 5, July 20-August 3 (College-Aged Students Only)
Note: All dates are approximated +/- 3 days and will be determined based on airfare. Extended time on mission may be granted by Love Africa per written request of applicant.

In December 2017 and Summer of 2018, Love Africa Mission will send at least six teams to Kenya. We will travel to Kijabe, Kenya, home to the Africa Inland Mission station established in 1903. On station, teams will connect with Kijabe Hospital, CURE Hospital, Rift Valley Academy, Little Lambs Daycare, Rift Valley Fellowship, and Flow of Hope – all incredible ministries that are working to alleviate the brokenness of Kenya.

Members of our team most likely will have the opportunity to meet the Masai people down in the Rift Valley and experience true tribal culture during their Sunday worship service. During our stay, we will have the pleasure of meeting and working with incredible missionaries. Teams will have the opportunity to engage in relational ministry with native Kenyans through each of our ministry partners. We will serve refugees at the IDP Camps (Internally Displaced People) as a part of a feeding program, established in 2011, which feeds over 300 children each school day. You will also be able to connect with the children at Southern Cross Academy and Little Lambs Daycare.

Lastly, in 2018, plans are in motion for small teams to serve in Mombasa (from June-August). Details are forthcoming by written request only. Our primary initiative on the Kenyan coast is to serve alongside missionary efforts to love street kids, help the poor, and serve in various capacities for medical missions, evangelism, and discipleship.

Safari photos
This is sure to be an experience that you will never forget, including a 2-day safari to the Maasai Mara, where we  may even witness the wildebeast migration (ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD!).




Summer 2018*

  • Team 1, May 16-June 1 (College-Aged Students Only) *
  • Team 2, June 3-16 (College-Aged Students Only) *
  • Team 3, June 19-July 1 (Various Ages) *
  • Team 4, July 3-17 (Various Ages) *
*All dates are approximated +/- 3 days and will be determined based on airfare.

In the summer of 2014, Love Africa expanded and our teams joined our partners in Zambia! Our teams serve with the Whitfields, established missionaries in that area in partnership with their ministry, Eleeo Project. During your mission, you will stay at their home located on a 4,000 acre commercial farm in the bush of Southern Zambia and also in a local village in Eleeo Project’s Mission Housing. Teams will be sent out to make contact with the local people in that area, building relationships and sharing the gospel with them. Some teams may take part in organizing a Kids Camp in a nearby village that will be paired with community outreach. Short-term projects, leadership training, and relational ministry are all possible activities scheduled for the trip.

Safari photos
In addition to these great opportunities for ministry, you will also get a chance to glimpse God’s power and glory when you visit Victoria Falls, one of the world’s largest waterfalls, and Chobe Safari lodge in Bostwana, where you can see abundant elephant and other big game.




Summer 2018*

  • Team 1, July 5-July 18
  • Team 2, July 19-August 1

Note: All dates are approximated +/- 3 days and will be determined based on airfare. 

In the summer of 2018, Love Africa will expand once again and join our partners in Uganda! Our teams will serve with Coburwas Primary School, CIYOTA foundation and Kyangwali Refugee Settlement to work with people displaced by war and violence. During mission, teams will stay at St. Patrick’s, a working farm in Kyangwali, where fresh meals will be prepared daily. Kyangwali is about 2 hours west of Hoima town on Lake Albert and is home to over 43,000 refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. Teams will have the opportunity to partner with Coburwas School to aid in teacher collaboration and training, classroom teaching, conducting VBS, and sports camps during their mission.

In addition to all of the amazing relational ministry work, mission in Uganda will include a 2 night-3 day safari through Red Chilies to either Murchison Falls N.P. or Queen Elizabeth N.P. Expect to see lots of elephants, hippos, lions, buffalo, and a wide variety of antelope and birds. Safari also includes chimp tracking and a boat cruise!