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Love Africa Mission is dedicated to making a lasting impact, and what better way to do so than to partner with Africans who are doing God's work whether or not we are there? While our organization's efforts are driven by the call to preach the Gospel, we spread a wide net by investing in a number of unique organizations. We exist solely because of our ever faithful partners, and we make a commitment to never involve our own agenda. These ministries continue to pour into the lives of those in their communities day after day, we simply want to help. Learn more about our partners and get involved yourself!.


James 5:14-16  Are there sick among you?

Birthed from a place of deep personal experience, Olivier Gabuka and his wife founded a Christian non-profit called Africa Compassion Act. After God miraculously healed their young daughter from cancer, they committed their lives and resources to helping the sick and vulnerable children in Rwanda. Africa Compassion Act serves the children through two different programs of ministry. RAPHA seeks to care for the hospital transportation and care of children with cancer. LIGHT cares for the vulnerable children through sponsorship and a feed program.

Little Lambs.jpg


Jesus said "Let the children come unto me."

Little Lambs is a daycare program that demonstrates God’s love by nourishing children made vulnerable by poverty or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The children are fed one meal a day plus a snack while they learn basic reading, writing and math. When funds are available, the children receive school uniforms and supplies, clothing, shoes and medical care. Little Lambs provides a safe, loving environment where children are free to play, sing, learn about God’s love for them, and just enjoy being a kid.



We are George and Joyce Irungu. We both came to know the Lord as our personal savior at an early age. We are blessed with four kids Winnie, Ruthie, (twins, 14) Joy (9), and Willie (7). After finishing our ministry training in United States and serving in a local church in Granger Indiana, it was very clear that the Lord wanted us to serve the Lord in Kenya as missionaries. In the year 2010 we started a journey of faith and in August 2012 we came to serve the Lord in Kenya and it has been a great joy and encouraging as we see Lord working alongside us in different ministries.



United, developed and peaceful communities in Africa.

COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization established by refugee youth in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Uganda. The Organization remains committed to its mission to empower young people living in Uganda, and across Africa to be socially responsible entrepreneurial leaders to solve the root causes of their community problems.They are committed to paying particular attention to children and youth within their programs who have suffered from violence and trauma, and aspires to sustain support for young people who have suffered trauma.



Community of Baptist Churches of Eastern Congo


The 55th Community of Baptist Churches of the Congo “CEBC” is a community founded in 1928 under the initiative of American missionaries. Recognized by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the 55th CEBC has a Holistic mission to support Christians through evangelization, development and emergency actions, education, entrepreneurship, protection of women, medical and training.



Extravagant Grace to the people

We are excited about our newest partner, Healing Grace. Healing Grace is located in Egypt and serves in twelve different villages currently. These villages are consumed by poverty and lack of the Gospel, but Healing Grace is very active in schools, meeting both spiritual and physical needs.



Doing What’s Needed

CIYOTA DRC aims at providing practical education, bridging gaps between formal and informal systems. To CIYOTA, responding to specific community problems is the definition of education. That being said, Congo root causes are believed to be the poor education system that breeds the poor governance transitioning to conflicts and abject poverty. To solve this CIYOTA strives to build strong educational institutions and the programs respond to the above challenges.



To educate children from a God-fearing perspective and principles to become Champions in our nation.

Champions Christian School was founded back in 2010 by the pastors of Christ Ambassadors’ Church, supported by friends from all over the world with the aim of providing a Christ-centred education for all children, regardless of their religious, social or economic background. Our aim is providing a high quality education that prepares our young people for a life of faith and service.

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