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David has worked in the Rockingham County School System, & led Youth Ministry in Eden beside his wife Janet for over a decade. Returning from his first Love Africa Trip to Kenya during the summer of 2012, David simply responded, "I loved this, but I know there's more". David went on to establish our current partnerships with Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo, and has his eyes on expanding even further! Theres no doubt David's gifting lies in building bridges, but if you ask him, his true talent is in the ancient art of "wise-cracking". David and Janet have 2 children, Alex and Laura.  Check out this video to learn a bit more about David!

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To know Zack is to be constantly encouraged and pointed back to Gods word which is helpful and necessary at all times. He is super lighthearted and loves to joke and have a great time, probably one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet, and also knows how to discern when serious moments ought to take place. His love for the Gospel and the truth about Christ is a fragrance wherever he goes, which is something to be sought after for every Christian. Zack has a deep rooted love for Africa and her people, and embraces the culture so much so that he often speaks the local languages. We thank the Lord for what a blessing Zack has been for us and hope you get to meet him in soon as well!



Moe comes from the west coast of California, in the United States. Three years ago, for the first time, he traveled to Uganda with Love Africa. In Uganda he found love and respect for the country as well as the people and their culture. “Moe” is excited about using the gifts of evangelism and encouraging to serve the beautiful people in the Uganda communities and settlement camps. He looks forward to leading missions teams, as well as supporting and serving those in need.

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 Martha and Jim began going to Uganda after a presentation at their church by David Winn.  While their first trip was a learning experience they immediately fell in love with the school and the kids. There was no doubt after year one that they would be returning to Uganda.  Jim and Martha live in Reidsville, North Carolina.  Martha is a retired high school media coordinator. Jim is a retired high school Career and Technical Education Coordinator and football coach.  They attend Main Street United Methodist Church and are involved in various ways. Jim and Martha welcome any new or experienced  team members to the Uganda experience.  It is not a glamorous trip but it is an extremely rewarding trip.  If you are looking for a mission trip that involves sharing God’s love and hope this could be your opportunity. Check out this video to learn more!

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