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Dear Friends,

In 2004, God called me to start Love Africa Mission. We began with a team of 16 young adults serving in Kijabe, Kenya. Since then, Love Africa Mission has sent thousands to the mission field. We now have dozens of ministry partners throughout 7 African nations. We have built schools and orphan care facilities, and improved refugee settlements and homes for the poor, but most of all we have built relationships, all for the glory of God. It has been one of life’s greatest honors for me to lead this mission, and now the time has come to pass the torch. I met David Winn in 2012 when he and his wife, Janet, served on one of our teams. Those 2 weeks in Africa changed David’s heart as many of you have experienced. Since then, David has led teams for Love Africa Mission each year. He is the Founder and Field Director of our program in Uganda, which has outgrown the Kenya program through his leadership.   Our board voted unanimously for David to serve as the new President of Love Africa Mission. David’s genuine love for Africa and his pure passion for the Gospel to spread to all nations are just a few of the things that have impressed us the most. As a volunteer for our ministry for over a decade, his work ethic is unrivaled… and David can shoot 3 pointers!! Please join me in congratulating David Winn as the new President of Love Africa Mission. For those of you who have served on teams with Love Africa Mission during my time as the ministry’s leader, allow me to say thank you for your partnership in the Gospel! I hope God used your time in Africa to enrich your walk with Him and teach you more about His heart for every nation. Please continue to partner with us as we orchestrate this transition: PRAY, GIVE, SEND, GO!!! Sincerely yours,

Nathan Smith - Founder & CEO at Nathan Smith Ministries

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