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DR Congo

4.0383•S, 21.7587•E

White Earth
March 8th - 19th
June 29th - July 11th
July 12th - 26th

2 Leaders


12-15 Days

8-12 Members

DR Congo Teams

Our DR Congo teams comprise 8-12 team members, including 2 team leaders. DR Congo trips are typically 12-15 days, serving alongside multiple ministry partners with a focus on refugee support.

* Dates approximated to within 3 days

Center Gradient Transparent
Fullfilling the Mission

While in the DRC we will assist our partners with recovery from decades of war and conflict, building relationships and sharing the hope of Christ through orphan care, widow ministry, and local church outreach. We will hike through the mountains and hills of Bunagana and stay next to Uganda and Congolese refugees in their remote villages. If you are interested in joining us in the DRC, please click the "Join Us" link above to complete your interest form.  

DR Congo Ministry Partners

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has a harrowing history and the repercussions of which are still being played out today - poor governance, non-existent infrastructure, abject poverty, inter-ethnic conflicts resulting in intermittent warfare, and strife are just some of the challenges that many are still facing. Despite these challenges opportunities for peacemaking and reconciliation is ripe. CIYOTA in the DRC is moving towards peace with its young people, bridging governance and ethnic challenges through the means of education, and the development of character through non-violent social empowerment programs that create opportunities for enterprise and income. 

Community of Baptist Churches of Eastern Congo

The 55th Community of Baptist Churches of Eastern Congo has a long history dating back to its founding in 1928 by several American missionaries. Today the 55th CEBEC is recognized by the government of DRC and works to support the Congolese people through numerous initiatives focusing on evangelism, education, the development and implementation of emergency actions, entrepreneurial training, and medical care.

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