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1.3733•S, 32.2903•E

White Earth
Oct. 25th - Nov. 6th
Dec. 26 - Jan.8th

2 Leaders


12-15 Days

12-35 Members


Our Uganda teams comprise 12-35 team members, including 2 team leaders. Uganda trips are typically 12-15 days and allow for large team capacities. Great for large youth, college, or adult church teams.

* Dates approximated to within 3 days

Center Gradient Transparent
Fullfilling the Mission

While in Uganda, we will be serving in the 100,000+ person refugee settlement of Kyangwali, as we seek to aid our partners in physical and spiritual needs. We will demonstrate God's love by helping to restore hope. If you are interested in joining us in Uganda, please click the "Join Us" link above to complete your interest form.  

Uganda Ministry Partners

Located in the 100,000+ person refugee settlement of Kyangwali, Uganda, COBURWAS is on a mission to transform Africa by providing quality education and engagement to conflict-affected children of civil violence and unrest. Through the empowerment of education within the next generation, COBURWAS envisions healing and social cohesion across all communities, tribes, and tongues for a united, developed, and peaceful Africa.

Champions School

Founded in 2010 by a group of pastors, Champions School is educating children of Uganda with a God-fearing perspective and Christian principles to become future champions unto their nation. Through the dedication of its staff and the support of others across the world, Champions School is providing Christ-centered quality education to children regardless of their social and economic background, equipping them for a lifetime of faith, service, and love for God.

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