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White Earth
Next trips are in 2024.

2 Leaders


12-15 Days

5-10 Members


Our Rwanda teams comprise 5-10 team members, including 2 team leaders. Rwanda trips are typically 12-15 days. Please note these teams are typically smaller and are not suitable for large groups.

* Dates approximated to within 3 days

Center Gradient Transparent
Fullfilling the Mission

While in Rwanda we will have the chance to spread joy among pediatric cancer patients, run empowering youth camps, and serve in Kunda village, through local church outreach and discipleship trainingIf you are interested in joining us in Rwanda, please click the "Join Us" link above to complete your interest form.  

Rwanda Ministry Partner
Africa Compassion Act

Olivier Gabuka and his wife founded Africa Compassion Act in 2014 after God miraculously healed their young daughter from cancer. From then on they committed their lives and resources to helping the sick and vulnerable children in Rwanda. Africa Compassion Act serves children through two different ministry initiatives, RAPHA and LIGHT. First, RAPHA seeks to provide care of children with cancer. And the second  initiative, LIGHT provides care for vulnerable children.  

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